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Mindful Anal Massage for Women

Mindful Anal Massage for Women- DIN A4 laminated

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An anal massage, just like a yoni massage, is a treat for sex gourmets! It can be deeply relaxing or incredibly arousing - or both at the same time. The anus is equipped with as many nerve endings as the clitoris, and is therefore a highly erotic zone. As it is, however, connected to a different set of nerves than the vagina, the sensation is completely new to many women. Anus and yoni* can both be stimulated at the same time, thereby opening up many new combinations.

An inner anal massage also allows the G-spot to be stimulated. The area of the anus is taboo for many people and associated with a feeling of shame. Those who nevertheless dare to enter new territory, learn the right technique and observe simple hygienic measures, will be richly rewarded for their courage.
Discovering anal massage is an enrichment for couples, increases intimacy and improves the relationship to one’s own body.

*Yoni is the tantric word for female genitalia.


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